Friday, January 20, 2012

Here They Are!

Put your hands together for...

The Glitter Dragons!

Sammi on vocals, K.T. on lead guitar, Lucy Lou on bass and Momo on the drums.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Here they come...

This is an on-going open, on-going call for art featuring the ultra-cute all girl puppy band.

There's a character lineup but you can portray them any way you want to*. Think Monkees or Go-Gos or Jem but, remember that this is a soft G rating and done as an experiment in cute.

The full story behind this whole thing is here.

Band Lineup:

Sammi: Akita, singer
K.T.: Alsatian, lead guitar
Lucy Lou: Scottie, bass
Momo: Shi Tzu, drums

If this gets going, I've got plans for a manager, roadie and engineer. Also, since every good cartoon band needs a rival band, the rival to the Glitter Dragons will be, The Disco Chickadees. I'll leave that wide open for now...

I'll be posting my version of the Glitter Dragons next week. If you want to post your version, shoot me an email:

*no scat, vore, gore or overt sexuality, please. I have the right to reject any submission.

Glitter Dragons, the Glitter Dragons logo and all likenesses are © 2010 Obscurius Design.

Thursday, December 29, 2011